Reynaldo Hernandez

Puerto Rico
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Media Type
Mixed Media

An artist, educator and leader, he helps communities express their ideas with images that teach and that put people in motion. He makes art an integral part of their daily lives of working people by painting murals in cities throughout Wisconsin. Reynaldo works as a muralist throughout the state. He creates murals which reflect the culture or community that requests his work. He studied in various art schools and he has illustrated for the Milwaukee Journal, courts and television stations.

Reynaldo also does caricature!

Reynaldo Hernandez, Tina & Alejandro Carballo at an in2it international art opening

Reynaldo Hernandez along side a special piece that he did specially for an in2it art opening.

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Title: Mural of PeaceSize:



Medium: Painting
Title:"A Rainbow Is AllColors in Peace"

Medium: Painting
Title: Beauty and the Beads"

Meduim: Oil Painting
Title: "Black Imperial Egypt, The Old Kingdom"

Medium: Painting
Title: Queen of the Nile Pharoah Queen Hatshepsut"
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