Kalin Luy-Ken

Hometown: Nasca - Peru
Birthdate: 5/3/64
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Kalin Luy Ken, was born in Nasca - Peru, South America on May 3, 1964 of native Peruvian and Chinese parents, he began painting on canvas for theater scenarios and festivals in Perú at the age of 17. Originally he wanted to become a lawyer and attended the University San Luis Gonzaga de Ica but he decided that he needed to travel more, see different places, meet new people and experience more cultures. During this time he spent time mining and farming and met many people that make up the diverse cultures that are part of Peru. Luy Ken is a self taught artist. His art shows his feelings and experiences from the time he spent traveling in Peru. He says "I did not learn my art at any school other than life itself. That is why I don't have rules or limits". Exploring his talents and discovering his own techniques has taken him many years but, it was never an obstacle to keep him from doing what he does and likes best , Sculptures.

In 1997 Kalin started with an exhibition at the "Sitio de Pampas Galeras Museum" at a "Lama National Preserve". His art work "Señor de Nasca" made in wood along with other pieces were published in the "El Comercio" newspaper.

In 1998 Kalin started the construction of an Ethnic Art Gallery in Nasca, Perú and has now become a tourist establishment named "Etnias". The entire facility is composed and built around sculptures hand made by the artist with walls and columns decorated with sculptures representing Peruvian cultures and archeological history.

In 1999, Luy Ken was involved with an ecological movement to preserve native huarango tree forest in Peru. This inspired the creation of his sculpture "The Huarango Scream" which stands for the protest against the destruction of the tree in the area and was published in the "El Peruano" the nation's newspaper.

In 2000 Kalin had his first individual exhibition in Nasca with 15 pieces of art and with his friend Josué Lancho and tourist guides Susy, Jose and Manuel created a plan that they proposed to the town mayor that was creating a set of sculptures honoring the Nasca Lines and Maria Reiche, a German archeologist who spent many years working to protect that heritage of Peruvian native culture.

In 2001 the sculptures were exhibited in the "Alameda Maria Reiche" in Nasca and published in the "El Comercio" a Peruvian newspaper and Luy Ken was awarded the City Medal and a Diploma of Merit for his work in cultural development and events within the Nasca community.

In 2002, Kalin was reunited with his childhood girlfriend, Rosario when she traveled to Perú to honor the passing of her grandmother, Mamá Silvia, who was also Kalin's godmother. After being apart for 20 years, Rosario and Kalin were married in 2004 and currently live in Niles, Illinois with Rosario's two children Sharon and Bryan. Sharon attends Maine South High School and Bryan attends Emerson Middle School.

In 2004, Kalin received the "Gold Hummingbird" award by the local press in Nasca for "Best Artist" and the award for "Educational Promoter".

In July 2006, He had an exhibition of his art at the Daley Plaza Civic Center in Chicago.

Luy Ken is a co-founder of the "CNE Peruano Chino", a Chinese school in Perú, member of the Peruvian Chinese Association, and the Red Cross in Perú. He also belongs to The Peruvian Arts Society in Chicago and the American Society of Artists in Illinois.

Kalin says about living in the US: "What is great about living in the U.S.A. is the multicultural variety and the tendency of people to be open minded. I believe I can show my art here and have an impact on the art world and an understanding of my culture. Some people may just see me as an eccentric artist, but that is how I communicate, using the universal language of Art".





"Learning to Fly" - Unfinished

Kalin Luy-Ken with Alex Loza in Chicago, 2006


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