Charlene Griffin

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Charlene has always had a natural innate gift for music. Her mother, a former professional opera singer, recognized this gift and contributed to her artistic education by placing her in Southern Methodist University’s Piano Preparatory for talented children. After studying classical music for twelve consecutive years, Charlene continued to pursue music in Los Angeles, California while studying English Literature and Writing/Rhetoric at Pepperdine University. By her senior year in college, Charlene has received outstanding reviews from the music department concerning her minor of piano and vocal performance.

Charlene has ministered in Malibu for several famous celebrities and world renowned producers while also maintaining an honors grade point average. She completed a study of Renaissance art in Florence, Italy. She also participated in a summer writing internship at the Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England. After graduating from college, Charlene began to pursue fulltime ministry as a musician. She has been blessed to minister in major cities such as Los Angeles California, Florence Italy, London England, and Capetown South Africa. She helped feed over four thousand children in Delmas, South Africa and minister to infected aids victims in Johannesburg, South Africa. Charlene also has a passion for helping children. While in Johannesburg, she also visited and ministered to babies at an orphanage that had been infected with HIV.

Through her experienced, Charlene has proven to be a tremendously gifted musician, having a caring and compassionate heart. Charlene longs to use her gifting for the glory of the Lord and looks forward to many more wonderful ministerial experiences. Her vision is to ultimately use her artistic and musical talents to guide people into the presence of the Lord, to use art as an expression to present the love and gospel of Jesus Christ, and to empower other young people to do the same.
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